Each one of us found different ways to cope with what the pandemic did to society. These days, we can see and feel the aftermath as travel slows to a crawl and social distancing pushes us apart from the company we enjoy. There are those who amid the challenges ignited their love of cooking. As such, gadgets like the Moulin Salt Mill should give folks a degree of control over their meal preparation.

Among the herbs, spices and seasonings that can impart flavor to any dish, salt is the most overlooked. This simple chemical compound is perhaps the greatest discovery in the culinary history of mankind. Therefore, Weber Workshops wants to replace what’s in your kitchen for the longest time with the Moulin Salt Mill.

This simple yet impressive item might be something difficult to justify a purchase, but you will want it. Time to throw out those plastic grinders that come with your store-bought condiments. Much like how consumers marvel at the premium quality and performance of the latest iPhones, this seems to have the same effect.

The Moulin Salt Mill is the creation of a former product designer at Apple. Thus, the engineering and precision manufacturing that goes into each of these appears to be on par as well. Users will have 50 adjustable grind settings to choose from. Weber Workshops is saying Michelin Star chefs are raving about it.

There’s nothing cheap about it as we can see from the craftsmanship and aesthetics. Weber Workshops states that the material in use is akin to that in luxury timepieces. The Moulin Salt Mill is corrosion-resistant with zirconia ceramic burrs and bearings. No need to screw down the lid as powerful neodymium magnets hold it in place.

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Images courtesy of Weber Workshops