It was not long ago that a Suzuki Jimny stole our hearts. However, the fact that it was only a digital render left us longing for more. Luckily something more tangible is here to draw us back again and enjoy what this mini-SUV can deliver. Here is the Black Bison Edition, which is a fully kitted out version of the latest Jimny model. What sets it apart from other custom jobs is the distinct use of WALD parts to complete its stealthy ensemble.

For those who have never seen what the machine can do, the Jimny is Suziki’s compact overlanding platform. In fact, its unique presentation continues to win the hearts of many enthusiasts. In fact, most already have a project waiting for those long weekends at home in the garage. Meanwhile, WALD offers a huge selection of styling kits which are even available for premium German marques such as Mercedes-Benz.

One publication even refers to the Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition as a unique cross between a G-Wagon and a Jeep Rubicon. We think it is an apt description of the aesthetics it flaunts. Aside from its heavy-duty makeover, the WALD throws in add-ons such as LED light bars, a bonnet scoop cover, and a JAPANMERICANA Grille. The rear roof wing gives it just enough sportiness that does not detract from its rugged nature.

Sitting on four chunky all-terrain tires, 4×4’s drivetrain lets you traverse most obstacles. Given the smaller body of the Suzuki Jimny, it should be easy to maneuver across tight spaces that normal SUVs struggle with. Finally, the matte finish of the Black Bison Edition’s dark exterior shows that WALD knows what its clients want.

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Images courtesy of WALD