The guys are going to be impressed when you roll up to golf club in your new Mercedes G-Wagon next year. But you won’t need to get a flurry of hole-in-ones to own one of these and give that impression. The upcoming Suzuki Jimny looks as though it hatched from a Mercedes G-Wagon. All the specifics of next year’s release have yet to be disclosed, but the images in circulation and the whispers coming from Japan do give us an indication of what to expect. It will be available next year as a replacement for the out-of-production current model.

The pictures tell us that the new model will grow a beard and brush its teeth with a little more of a rugged exterior and a more polished interior. Our sources are saying that the model will not have a diesel option but will have an electric rotary dial. Either way, this remains speculative for the time being. Suzuki are transforming their vehicle into a mainstream type and for that reason, it would not be unrealistic to expect fewer sales. Are they in the process of building a cult-classic model? We will know more details as we move closer to 2019. For now, enjoy these awesome pictures and maybe start saving, or start winning the weekly sweep at the golf club.

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