These days, overlanding enthusiasts are normally focused on the biggest and baddest SUVs and trucks out there. Actually, we’re also guilty of exactly the same thing as we look forward the great stuff heading our way. The 2021 Ford Bronco and the GMC Hummer EV are two that’s on our list right now. Nevertheless, we’re actually ecstatic to stumble upon something that could easily fly under the radar. Here we have a mix of old-school charm with a modern mod – the 1977 Suzuki Jimny Rat Rod.

Being a mini-SUV in a market were size matters for most folk, it will take some guts to get some attention. Thankfully, this 1977 Suzuki Jimny Rat Rod knows what it needs to do. As the name already suggests, it’s a tribute to classic street racing. The open-top, low-slung profile, and whitewall tires add charisma to the package.

While hot rods are traditionally vehicles American in origin, modern designers can always break the rules. This ride looks like its ready to take on even the meanest machines out there. Credit for this unique and thrilling mod goes to Leo Esteves – who we could call a visionary when it comes to automotive concepts.

As much as we want to be able to grab the steering wheel and take the 1977 Suzuki Jimny Rat Rod for a spin, it is impossible. The reason behind it is that it only exists in digital space. Yes sir, what we are looking at is a masterpiece of rendering. Nevertheless, this can inspire some crazy shop to make it happen in real life.

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Images courtesy of les83machines