Your pen can make a difference in the eligibility of your handwriting regardless if you have good penmanship or not. A blotted ink is not exactly a good sight on paper. The Vital Carry Tri-Bolt Pen uses ballpoints so you can be certain of smooth strokes and it even boasts a unique shell.

This is a versatile and portable everyday carry that takes a colorful and elegant approach in writing. Its shell is particularly striking in its unique metal construction. This pen offers customization so you can choose combinations of brass, titanium, copper, and aluminum. You can opt for just one though.

Made in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Vital Carry Tri-Bolt Pen is not and does not look like your typical disposable pen. It uses D1 refills so you never have to throw it out once it runs out of ink. Likewise, it employs an innovative bolt and piston mechanism to guide each color smoothly down the barrel and pen tip. The colors include red, black, and blue.

The mechanism is designed to be jam-packed free. This means you can push all three colors down at once and there is no resistance. There are color indicators engraved on the bolts and refilling the barrel is as simple as a twist-off to give you access to the internal refill storage.

The Vital Carry Tri-Bolt Pen is compact as such, it can easily be stored in your pocket. It is smaller than a pencil at just 5.5 inches and practically weightless at 2.0 ounces. It is the perfect pen for medical practitioners and law officers.

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Images courtesy of Vital Carry