Good things come in small packages…just like the Mininch Tool Pen Mini. This handy and uber-portable utensil comes equipped with screwdrivers needed for general home and outdoor fixes.

Inspired by the success of its larger predecessor, this mini device features 22 high-quality S2 tool steel precision bits you never know you might need. It has PH00, PH0, and PH1 Phillips bits, hexagon bits in the sizes of HO.9, H1.3, H1.5, and H2. Likewise, it comes equipped with Torx/StarBits (T5, T6, T7) and Torx/Security bits (TR8, TR9, TR10). It even has a Sim Eject in case you need to swap out sim cards from your smartphone.

Moreover, the Mininch Tool Pen Mini has an S1 Square bit, a P2, P5, and P6 Pentalobe bits, and Slotted bits of the sizes SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, and SL3. Its handle lets you store five of your most-used bits for convenience. Its handle features a viewing window that lets you see which bits are inside. The cap utilizes strong magnet to prevent damage on the leads and protect you from accidental stabbing.

Made from 6061 aluminum, this tool is guaranteed durable to last for many uses. Designed to be pocket-friendly, it comes built with a pocket clip on the cap for on-the-go flexibility in fixing different devices including game consoles, smartphones, toys, glasses, tablets, and more. You don’t have to dig around your bag or toolbox and just grab it from where you clipped it for easy and quick access. You can take the Mininch Tool Pen Mini with you and not worry about weight since it’s only 9.6 ounces.

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Mininch Tool Pen Mini Mininch Tool Pen Mini Mininch Tool Pen Mini Mininch Tool Pen Mini Mininch Tool Pen Mini

Mininch Tool Pen Mini

Mininch Tool Pen Mini

Images courtesy of Mininch