Star Wars fans like us normally look forward to a particular month each year. Aside from big movie releases from the beloved franchise, May the 4th is where the action is at. We love how geeks were able to create a clever pun for “may the force be with you.”With several companies cashing in on the craze, one stands out among the rest this 2020. Urwerk presents the UR-100 Gold Edition – a highly exclusive version for a cause.

As you can probably guess, this is a tribute everyone’s favorite protocol droid – C-3PO. As such, Urwerk gives its 41-mm 2N yellow gold case a satin polish to emulate the golden finish of the titular character. Aside from its clear reference to Star Wars, the company is auctioning the first production piece of the UR-100 Gold Edition to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Owners of previous UR-100 watches are aware of the small plate with an engraving of the number of examples on the side. For the C-3PO model, Urwerk is changing it into FIGHT C19, to honor those working in the front lines amid the pandemic. Bidding starts on May 8 at 4 PM and ends on May 10 4 PM. Meanwhile, all proceeds will then go to the charity of the lucky owner’s choosing.

For those who are wondering how the unique satellite complication works, let us give you an overview. The hours are shown by the circular discs that spin on their own axis around the carousel. For the minutes, users can use the retrograde pointer at the bottom. The Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition finally gives C-3PO the respect he deserves.

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Images courtesy of Urwerk