It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Urwerk and we’re starting to miss it’s an unconventional approach to watchmaking. Fortunately, the Swiss watchmaker is ready with another exciting timepiece to keep us busy. As with most of the watches in the brand’s roster, the UR-100 SpaceTime offers something special.

Before anything else, we want to get it out of the way that this is will be an exclusive run. Each of the two colorways is just limited to 25 examples. Hence, it’s most likely that all of the available pieces are already spoken for. Urwerk’s latest approach throws in an astronomical complication like no other.

This new function blends perfectly with the watch’s wandering hour complication, which is a cool way to tell time. You might think that this feature on the UR-100 SpaceTime is something new, but reports claim that it’s been in existence since 1680. Don’t believe us? Take a trip to Urwerk’s headquarters to see it for yourself.

As one of the hour discs passes over the minute indices, it turns into another pointer along with the other module. These two gives you an overview of the earth’s movement in 20-minute intervals. The left indicator displays the distance completed by its rotation, while the right one is for the orbit.

It’s not every day that you can own an upscale wristwatch that includes this extraordinary function. The Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime sports a 41 mm x 50 mm titanium and steel case. Buyers can choose between silver with a leather strap or black DLC with a fabric strap. It won’t really matter because both look absolutely awesome.

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Images courtesy of Urwerk