The Hour Glass is an exciting annual show that allows watchmakers to flaunt their best. Moreover, it’s amazing to discover that the trade fair is already celebrating 40 years of awesome showcases. As with any important milestone, it is normal to commemorate the event with something special. To highlight this illustrious achievement, the Urwerk X The Hour Glass UR-105 presents a unique feature. Those who plan to snag one are in for a surprise because only three examples will be on offer.

This stunning timepiece will reportedly age along with its user. In order to deliver this effect, the watch uses a specific metal for the case. Bronze is the material of choice because of its tendency to develop a dynamic patina over time. In essence, this setup allows the timepiece to tell the time in two different ways. Just like most of the models from Urwerk, this commemorative edition makes a bold statement with its uncommon design. The manufacturer always shies away from traditional methods of telling time and opts to go about it with a twist.

Those familiar with some of the older models from Urwerk will recognize the wandering hours movement. In the case of the Urwerk X The Hour Glass UR-105, they’re labeling it as the UR 5.03 automatic movement. The open-work carousel holds four arms with three numeral satellites the rotate to show the hour. Next is the indicator below each number that moves in retrograde fashion along the minute indicator at the bottom. These complications sit under a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

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Images courtesy of Urwerk