Among the vehicles we love here at Men’s Gear, RVs have a special space in our hearts. These come with all the creature comforts of home but on a mobile platform. Even though these types of transport have a lot to offer its users, there are some caveats that put some people on the fence regarding its purchase. The problem is most models cannot travel long distances over rough terrain. Meanwhile, the Unicat MD56c might be exactly what you have in mind for your next trip.

Be it with family or with friends, this 6×6 monster will answer the call. Don’t let rough roads hinder your adventure as this expedition-grade transportation brims with confidence. This German-made rig starts off with a MAN TGS platform and kitted out with all the essentials.

Not only are you getting one tough machine, it even boasts a maximum capacity of up to 5 people. Furthermore, you can even bring your favorite side-by-side along for the ride so the fun never stops. It goes on the automated lift located at the rear end of the Unicat MD56c. Within its spacious interior is a fully functional kitchenette, a dining area, bathroom with shower, and sleeping area.

With a fuel capacity of 264 gallons, the Unicat MD56c promises a range of 2,050 miles. In addition to its large battery, the solar panel system allows it to soak up the rays for extra power when you need it. The 540-horsepower engine is paired with a ZF 12-speed TipMatic gearbox. We’ll gladly choose this over any average RV.

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Images courtesy of Unicat