UTVs have always been the more rough-and-tumble kind of transport for adventurous souls. These side-by-sides have already prided themselves as tough-as-nails with little need for creature comforts. Nevertheless, there will be individuals who seek to break the norm. Therefore, aftermarket tuning is the way to go when stock trims just don’t cut it. A great example of when two unlikely forces meet to produce something awesome is the Mansory Xerocole.

It’s not often that you chance upon a shop that can add a hint of style to an otherwise rugged ride. As we’ve hinted before, UTVs are a means to get down and dirty on almost any off-road locations. Therefore, not many can think of ways to improve upon an already capable machine. However, Mansory is not one to back down from a challenge as evidenced by the Xerocole.

This enhanced 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 was originally slated to debut at the recently cancelled Geneva International Motor Show. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the event’s organizers to call it off. Thanks to the internet and automotive journalists, we can now scrutinize what this UTV brings to the table.

The donor side-by-side is already a mean monster when it comes to any type of terrain. Mansory probably felt that it was not enough. Tweaking the stock turbocharged Rotax ACE 900-cc engine, Mansory is boosting the Xerocole up to 222 horsepower. It might not seem much at first, but considering the lightweight nature of this UTV, the upgrade will be impressive. Other add-ons include carbon-fiber side panels, a facelift up front, and a reinforced roof with LED bars. Pricing was not available as of this writing.

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Images courtesy of Mansory