When the spirit of adventure calls, you have the option of packing your camping gear and set off for the great outdoors. If you have an RV, it’s just a ride away to escape the urban jungle and bask in the serene landscape of nature. The latter sounds inviting, but there are limitations as to where a regular vehicle can go. In contrast, Global Expedition Vehicles is confident that its GXV Patagonia will overcome any obstacle.

One look at the Patagonia will tell you that this bad boy is no pushover. First off, the company lets you choose the chassis that will serve as the starting point of the build. Available options include Mercedes, MAN, Unimog, Kenworth, International, and Freightliner. The one we’re featuring right now uses a Kenworth K370 chassis and looks badass. The catch here is that GXV will let you customize almost everything. However, with a starting price of $465,000 it’s a costly item that not many can afford.

As long as you have the cash, the company will be happy to equip just about anything that you desire. The body will be crafted out of panels with fiberglass insulation and feature more than enough space to rival that of regular RVs. Amenities such as a queen-size bed, a full bathroom, and a proper kitchen are possible. Additionally, the dining area can turn into another sleeping area if you have guests on board. The possibilities are practically endless with the GXV Patagonia, which makes it an exceptional and luxurious off-road ride.

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Images courtesy of GXV