The world collectively celebrates together with NASA to commemorate 50 years since the first lunar landing. Various companies, on the other hand, are seizing the opportunity to market merchandise in collaboration with said event. For example, LEGO is showcasing a 30,000-piece life-size Apollo 11 Astronaut model. Moreover, it is likewise paying homage to the historical achievement by offering the NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Creator playset. Now, you can own a small piece of memorabilia on your wrist with the Undone X Peanuts Lunar Mission collection.

These timepieces honestly do not really showcase anything extravagant. For comparison, the Moon Landing Knives by Cut Throat Knives and WKRMN are featuring handles with moonscape patterns. Nevertheless, the simplicity of the designs alongside the appearance of the lovable Snoopy and the gang makes them charming. In true Undone fashion, for $365 buyers can choose to customize the ACES (Advanced Escape Crew Suit) model. Options include variations for the straps, dials, bezels, case finishes, hands, and engravings.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the bunch are the two limited edition versions. The Moon Heritage and Starlight sell for $480 respectively with only 300 examples on offer for each. You can quickly differentiate one from another by the positions of the sub-dials. The latter two have them lined up horizontally, while the former goes for a vertical approach. All Undone X Peanuts Lunar Mission watches features a 316L stainless steel construction with a K1 mineral glass lens. Furthermore, all run on a reliable quartz movement. Overall, we would love to own one of each.

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Images courtesy of Undone