When it comes to space exploration NASA’s track record has seen it’s fair share of noteworthy milestones. However, its biggest project was the Apollo program that ultimately realized its goal of sending humans to the lunar surface. Celebrating 50 years of the historic moon landing, two companies are working together to forge a stunning commemorative piece. The Moon Landing Knives are a set of two blades that pay homage to the brave men and women behind it all.

Out of the 400,000 people working together at the peak of the program, only 12 were able to touch down on the moon. As such, Cut Throat Knives alongside WKRMN is limiting this collaboration to only 12 pairs. The duo consists of an 8-inch chef knife and a folder both of which come with a uniquely designed handle. The bigger blade uses 52100 high-carbon steel with special ceramic coat and harpoon tip. This gives it an exceptional finish and shape that will stand out from the rest of your kitchen tools.

Next comes the friction folder with its AEBL steel blade that dons a coating of stealthy black Cerakote. Look closely and you can spot a special engraving hidden beneath the handle. These are the names of the heroes who perished during the early missions of the Apollo program. Another eye-catching detail on the Moon Landing Knives is the moonscape handles. Taking an actual scan of the moon and covering it with resin, the resulting work is stylish and awesome. Cut Throat Knives and WKRMN have really outdone themselves with this project.

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Images courtesy of Cut Throat Knives