Depending on our mood, what we usually consider a great timepiece are usually the more complex ones. As long as it features almost every complication known to man, it would rank high in our rankings. However, there are instances when the most minimalist aesthetic can do so much for a watch. One such example is the UNDONE Space Xplorer – a limited-edition model – that honors the out-of-this-world success of SpaceX in 2020.

The UNDONE Space Xplorer is for those who just have an innate passion for what lies beyond the stars. For those who have following our regular updates, this is the second space-themed watch from the watchmaker to make it on our pages. It should already be evident by the name that it’s a play on words for SpaceX.

There are subtle nods to it hiding in plain sight, which we’ll go into detail with. First off, the hour hand is in the shape of a design element on the cool space suit the crew was wearing for the mission. The grey flange surrounding the white dial resembles the distinctive shape of the Crew Dragon’s capsule.

Meanwhile, small oblong indices stand for the spacecraft’s windows which are of a similar shape. Instead of luminescent material on the hands and indices, the whole dial glows a cool nitrous blue in low light. Finally, the case back displays all the relevant information about the launch. Only 300 examples will be available and each will come with a model kit you can assemble and use a display stand for your UNDONE Space Xplorer.

Buy it now – $360

Images courtesy of UNDONE