Studies are showing that wearing face masks and frequent hand washing are greatly reducing cases of infection other than COVID-19. Also, the constant reminders from health experts regarding how some surfaces and items might be full of pathogens is another major concern. The Ultra Guard CAPSULE might be just the thing we need in these challenging times. Now you can sanitize your belongings and more with this handy tool.

The ongoing pandemic made such an impact on how folks view the transmission of diseases through various means. Meanwhile, we are seeing a huge spike in demand for products that can eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Aside from disinfectants and other chemicals like it, UV light – UVC to be precise – is reportedly effective against the 2019 novel coronavirus. Most personal sanitizing gadgets that use the technology are often bulky and difficult to transport in some cases.

What the Ultra Guard CAPSULE offers is an effective self-sanitizing device that can be part of your daily EDC arsenal. Now you can have a chemical-free alternative that can even fit inside watch pockets. It measures 85.2 mm x 25.9 mm and weighs only 35 grams.

The Ultra Guard CAPSULE is crafted out of a high-density ABS polymer which is quite durable. Remove the ergonomic cap and use the silicone tip to press buttons and even interact with touchscreens. Put it back and the UVC light will automatically disinfect the tip.

A full charge of its 180 mAh battery should be enough for 180 uses before it needs to recharge. Its size, utility, and convenience are its biggest selling points. You can grab the Ultra Guard CAPSULE in three colorways: Glacier White, Misty Rose Pink, and Onyx Black.

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Images courtesy of Maid Wright