If you have time to spare and into building crafts or completing puzzles, especially those made with intricate cut-out pieces, then you might want to consider building a clock from scratch. The Ugears Aero Clock gives you 300 components to work with and a painstaking 11 hours to complete. But the end result is all worth it.

From the box kit, you get all these wooden cutouts that you have to piece together like a puzzle. But the clock actually works and it even comes with a pendulum. This is not just a 3D wooden mechanical model or a pretty showcase. It is an actual working clock that you have to build, mount, and wind up yourself to see the minutes and hours tick by.

The Ugears Aero Clock is a whimsical yet elegant masterpiece that relies on a weighted bag (which you can fill with sand or salt) to tell the time. Raise the bag on its pulleys to wind the clock and as the weight slowly descends, it interacts with a driving gear, then rotates the escape wheel through a reducer.

An adjustable weighted pendulum interacts with the escape wheel via the steady run of the anchor mechanism. Slide the pendulum’s top and bottom weights to adjust the clock’s ticking action to the second. And as with a “cuckoo” clock, this steampunk-inspired wall clock features a suspended hot air balloon that rapidly descends with every hour that ticks by, and slowly rises again over the course of the next hour.

The Ugears Aero Clock makes for a standout piece in your living room, reading room, study, or office. The building process is a great bonding moment for the family. It also provides helpful insight into the basic principles behind clockwork.

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Images courtesy of Ugears