re you a bit of a sleepy-head in the morning? Do you hit the doze button so many times that you’ve worn a groove in it? Or maybe you sleep right the way through your alarm. All the while snoring happily away when the alarm wakes the rest of the house. If so, perhaps one of the loud alarm clocks on the market would be best.

Forget about clocks that gently whisper, you’ll just go back to the land of nod! No, what you need is an alarm clock that announces the arrival of the morning and simply refuses to be ignored. Think of your regular alarm clock, throw in a ton of attitude and you’ll get a general idea…

It’s hard to get up in the morning particularly when it’s still dark outside or it’s cold. Staying under the covers and having your pillow to the head is slightly hypnotic. Using one of the loud alarm clocks on the market will change all of that. You may think you’ve tried a loud alarm clock before.

However, unless you’ve had one of these beasts in your bedroom, there’s simply no comparison. You’ve probably tried using your cell phone as an alarm clock – who hasn’t?! Yet with weak volume and the risk of the battery running out, they’re not the best option.

We have better today. Clock manufacturers have considered the need, and they’ve addressed it. Say goodbye to feeble beeps and hello to bed-shaking vibrations to provide the best loud alarm clocks you’ve ever experienced. There are a ton of loud alarm clocks out there, so we at Men’s Gear wanted to help you find the right one.

We feel we’ve found the perfect 10, we dare you to sleep through one of these.

What are the main things to consider when buying a loud alarm clock?

If getting woken up properly is your main consideration, you’ll need to think about exactly what you need to get reliably roused from sleep. Is it that you don’t hear the alarm because you’re such a deep sleeper, or is it that you have a hearing impairment?

Perhaps, you hear the alarm but manage to ignore the sound and go back to sleep… You’ll need to first figure out exactly what it is that you need to get properly woken up before looking for an alarm clock that has features to match.

If you’ve got a hearing impairment, you may well wake up the entire house before you hear the alarm yourself. That means even the loudest alarm could leave you deep in slumber. That could be a reason for checking out clocks that include things like stroke lighting and vibrations.

Look for alarm clocks that allow you to switch off the noise while leaving the vibration alarm in place. There’s little point waking everyone else if you’re not going to hear the alarm anyway. Let’s say you’re a heavy sleeper that needs an alarm that is impossible to ignore or you have an only mild hearing loss.

There’s a sliding scale of the alarm sound that some give out.

Consider how you want to be woken up. Jolted to the ceiling, slowly increasing sound, or something else. Also make sure to consider the sound you’d like to hear, as many can allow you to use your favorite rock songs. Others simply offer the beep.

The snooze button is a useful function too, and finding one with a proper snooze can be useful just the same. Though we recommend putting your clock on the other side of the room to force you to get up.

What are the safety considerations when buying loud alarm clocks?

Extremely heavy sleeper? Going to bed early likely won’t help you feel more alert in the morning or more responsive to your alarm the next day. The only way to make sure you’re not late for that morning meeting is to get an alarm clock that you’re sure will wake you up.

There are lots of different ways to do this, but can you be certain that they’re safe?

For those who are hearing impaired, an alarm clock that’s louder than usual probably won’t feel any different to waking up to a normal alarm. However, if you don’t have any hearing loss and are simply deep, a loud sound can be startling. There’s nothing particularly pleasant about waking up with a jolt.

Research suggests that it can cause levels of stress to rise and affect cognitive performance for the first couple of hours.

The question is, however, how do we wake on time? Researchers suggest not placing the alarm clock too close to your head – this is doubly important with extra loud alarm clocks. We recommend leaving curtains open enough to let natural light in, as it’ll help kickstart your body naturally.

Trying a quieter alarm 20 minutes before you need to arise, then a louder one when you must get up might help. This could start to rouse your consciousness at a deeper level, making the final loud alarm less of a shock. If you are planning to try putting one of these new loud alarm clocks across the room, make sure the path to the clock is clear.

If you’re half-asleep, tripping over a discarded games controller or getting your feet caught up in a pair of boxer shorts could see you take a nasty tumble. This would be a bad morning routine to start.

How loud are these alarm clocks?

When we talk about loud alarm clocks, exactly what level of noise do we mean? Although you’ve probably heard of decibels, do you know what they are and at what point they become dangerous? Never fear, we’ve done our homework on all things hearing-related and can give you the low-down.

A decibel is a unit of how sound is measured. The quietest possible sound that can be heard is measured at 0 decibels. As the human ear has an amazing capacity for sound, the decibel system has to encompass a massive range of sounds. Therefore, with each increase of 10dB, it increases by the power of 10, it’s not simply additive.

In other words, 10dB is x10 louder than 0dB but 30dB cranks up the sound by x1000. When you consider that 0dB is audible noise, it demonstrates just how rowdy 100dB really is!

To make decibel range more meaningful, think of this. Breathing is usually measured at approximately 10dB, a washing machine at 70dB, and a jackhammer at a distance of one meter 100dB. Crank it up a little louder and a Boeing 707 landing measures in at 106dB. What about alarm clocks?

A regular alarm clock could hit up to 80dB but surprisingly, that’s not enough for everyone. Some people need that little bit more.

Sounds which are greater than 85dB can lead to hearing loss if sustained. However, as an alarm is only heard briefly it doesn’t cause the same problems. Very loud alarm clocks may start at around 85dB but can rise as high as 113dB. This makes them louder than a jumbo jet!

Without further ado, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for, with the countdown of alarm clocks that take the regular wake-up call to epic proportions.

1) Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra Loud

Brand Name
Sonic Alert
Model Number

For the days when you need a bomb under your butt to get you out of bed, now there’s a solution with the Sonic Bomb. As well as looking like a bomb, this alarm clock has more than a few tricks up its metaphoric sleeve. All to make sure there’s no chance you sleep through your morning wake-up call.

Sonic Bomb truly takes loud alarm clocks to the next level.

If big noises only wake up the rest of the household but leave you undisturbed, you won’t be able to ignore this alarm. Not only is it super-loud, but it’s also going to appeal to the rest of your senses too.

At 113db, there are not many people who could sleep straight through. However, if you’re blessed with the ability to stay snoozing amid the apocalypse then this alarm will rock your world. Its secret weapon is its powerful bed shaking function that can be used either with or without the loud alarm.

This means if you want to make sure you wake up but don’t want to disturb everyone else, switching on the bed-shaker is an excellent option.

If the shaking and the shrieking alarm aren’t enough to get you on your feet there’s also pulsating lights. Just like the other functions, you can choose to switch these off if it’s a step too far. You may also want to think about roommates who won’t appreciate such a rousing wake-up.

There’s the security of an optional 220V adaptor but it works on batteries so you can easily take it with you if you go away. A large red LED display shows the time clearly with a five-level dimmer that is easily adjustable.

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  • Great for those who are hard of hearing
  • Multiple alarm functions
  • Various modes can be used interchangeably
  • Battery or 220V operation
  • Can be difficult to set
  • Question-mark over durability


2) KWANWA Cordless Extra-Loud Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Model Number

The idea of being shaken awake by a small earthquake isn’t exactly fun. That said, there are loud alarm clocks on the market that will wake you up the conventional way. However, if you’re worried about not waking up when you need to, this extra-loud clock from KWANWA could just change your mind.

It’s a small clock that’s big on sound while offering portability and ease of use with battery operation. Just slide four little AA-batteries in your clock. This innocent-looking item will surprise you with its sheer power when the moment arrives.

What’s particularly handy about this alarm is that it doesn’t start at top volume so you’re not treated to a loud blast immediately. Beginning at a regular volume, the alarm on this clock gradually gets louder until it reaches an ear-splitting 110db.

If you think you’d find it easy to ignore a loud alarm, we dare you to try this beast out.

Once it reaches maximum volume, it will have even the heaviest sleeper out of bed and searching desperately for the off button! The only issue with these loud alarm clocks is that the high tone means it may not be heard by those with a hearing impairment, or the elderly.

Aside from the alarm, there are a few other features too. That includes a large LED display with three levels of brightness, allowing you to adjust it to your preference. The clock will automatically shift into night mode between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

This dims the display while still ensuring it’s clearly visible.

This display doesn’t suck the life out of the batteries either. One set will last you for a year or more which we think is pretty impressive.

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  • Small and lightweight
  • Increasing alarm sound
  • Loud 110db top volume
  • Operates for over a year on one set of batteries
  • High pitch can’t be heard by everyone
  • Buttons can be a little fiddly


3) Battery-Operated Twin-Bell LCD Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Model Number

If you’re looking through loud alarm clocks in search of the beautiful aesthetics of a traditional clock, this hybrid design will tick every box. This design from Ryhor-K takes the traditional look of a twin-bell alarm clock and gives it a modern twist.

This isn’t an old-fashioned clock that needs to be wound up to work.

Long gone are the days when the clock would slowly run out of power because you forgot to wind it up that morning! Instead, there’s a smart 2.2” LCD screen, a surprising complement to the traditional shape and style. Three AAA batteries will keep this clock running smoothly for 6-8 months, making it an economical choice too.

The alarm is the single factor that really sets this clock apart, and it’s a loud blast that would rouse the dead. You won’t get other features such as pulse lighting or vibrations here. However, there’s a dual alarm that’s louder than a standard amplified alarm clock.

The clock is small and compact, offering a surprising amount of noise for such a small unit. A snooze function is included, that’s if you can bear to hear the alarm blasting out twice in one morning.

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  • Battery-powered
  • Small and portable
  • Beautiful design
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • No volume control
  • Cannot be plugged in


4) Hito Battery-Powered Kids’ Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Model Number

Hito offers terrific loud alarm clocks that won’t disturb you with an annoying tick-tick during the night, giving you the peace of mind to sleep like a baby. However, when the morning arrives, it’s a different matter as this clock won’t think twice about disturbing the quiet with its noisy alarm!

If you’re a heavy sleeper, have a mild hearing loss, or simply struggle to shake off the shackles of sleep every morning, this alarm is for you. It runs on just a single AA battery so it’s a great economical choice. Meanwhile, its compact size means that not only will it fit into any bedroom, but you can also take it on vacation with you too!

Made from rolled steel of the highest quality, these incredibly loud alarm clocks have been electroplated for a shiny and bright finish. The traditional style of this clock will look good in any bedroom, including by your child’s bedside.

If you’ve got a teenager who’s not keen on getting up on time, this stylish little alarm clock will have them on their feet in next to no time.

Offering a built-in nightlight that can be operated with a single touch, this clock makes every function is simple and intuitive. If you’ve ever used a traditional alarm clock, you’ll be familiar with the layout. The only difference is that batteries keep this clock ticking without any need to wind it up each day.

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  • Quirky retro style
  • Simple functions
  • Battery operated
  • Suitable for use as a travel alarm clock
  • Only one type of alarm function
  • Very few user reviews


5) Sonic Alert Vibrating Skull Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Sonic Alert
Model Number

Enjoy waking up to scenes akin to The Walking Dead? Check out these chilling but effective loud alarm clocks from Sonic Alert. A grey circular clock decorated by a skull and swirls is topped off with a 3D skull with eerie glowing eyes. It’s fair to say that this design isn’t for the faint of heart.

However, if you don’t mind being woken by a disembodied skull and a deafening noise, this is the clock for you.

Alongside the glowing eyes, there’s a strip of orange alert lights that flash while the alarm is going off. There are volume and tone controls, allowing you to decide how noisy you want the alarm to be. On top of the pitch that you want to hear.

This is really useful for those who have some mild hearing loss and find it difficult to hear high-pitched tones.

If the thought of a skull’s eyes boring into yours isn’t enough to get you moving, it offers bone-shaking vibrations too. A powerful 12v bed shaker is enough to jiggle anyone out of hibernation. Meaning you can be certain there’s no risk of missing this alarm.

While this alarm clock is stylized to appeal to those who like this genre, there’s more to it than simply decoration. If the standard alarm clock noise sets your teeth on edge, you can wake up by rocking out to your own music instead. A port for you to plug your own MP3 player in provides the option to use your own music and sounds.

Rounding off this clock’s features are a five-level dimmer and the option to toggle between 12 and 24 hours.

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  • Striking design
  • Extra-loud 113db alarm
  • Effective bed vibration
  • Connects with MP3
  • Scary design won’t suit everyone, especially young children
  • Lights aren’t particularly powerful


6) Westclox Tech 47547 Battery-Powered Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Model Number

The next seriously loud alarm clocks on our list couldn’t be more different than the attention-grabbing Sonic Alert Skull if it tried! The Westclox Tech 47547 is a discreet and modern design that simply fades into the background. Made from black plastic, the style is understated providing practicality without a fuss.

The top of the clock features seven buttons that are clearly labeled and easy to use. With a large snooze button in prime position too, this clock is intuitively designed.

As a battery-powered device, these alarm clocks literally do everything you need them to, including make a lot of noise. At 90db, it’s not as loud as some others on the market. However, a forward-facing speaker helps to make every decibel count.

If you don’t need the alarm to be at quite the deafening levels that others need to wake up, you can flip the switch and opt for the soft alarm instead. The clock runs on batteries and with its compact size, it’s portable and convenient.

There’s a blue backlight for illumination at night – just press and hold a switch to flick it on. This completes what is overall a really great alarm clock to have.

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  • Forward-facing speaker
  • Oversized numbers for quick recognition
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Battery-powered
  • At 90db it’s not as loud as others
  • Basic design won’t appeal to all


7) Sonic Alert SBP100 Portable Loud Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Sonic Alert
Model Number

Sonic Alert is back for the third time with yet another vibrating alarm clock. This time it’s the portable SBP100 which means you can wake up the entire hotel floor while you’re on vacation. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but not far off.

Just like the other models from Sonic Alert, this clock sports a disturbingly loud alarm.

In this case, the noise emanates from a diminutive white plastic casing. These insanely loud alarm clocks have a design that meant for them to be portable. The limit is just 90db, but this is absolutely intense in noise factor.

If the sound alone isn’t enough to wake you up, the bed-trembling vibration surely will. If you’ve always wanted to feel the earth move, this is the perfect chance. The Sonic Alert once again make sure you wake up with their powerful vibrating alarm.

All of this is achieved on just battery power alone. Quite impressive, if you ask us.

For those of you who panic about the possibility of the alarm not going off, there’s a test button so you can sleep without worry. A four-minute snooze option means you can have a few moments to get over the heart-stopping terror of being woken so suddenly.

Meanwhile, it has a large display that happens to be easy to read.

With its portable design, the clock flips down to create a flat surface, enabling it to slide easily into the leather-style carrying case which is provided. The whole unit is compact and easy to carry around so you’ll never have to endure the awkwardness of a hotel wake-up telephone call again.

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful vibration alarm
  • Carrying case included
  • Battery-powered
  • Not as loud as other alarms
  • The display can’t be read when it’s dark without pressing a button


8) Timevision Super-Loud Portable Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Time Vision
Model Number

If you’re a frequent traveler, having a portable alarm clock could be a big priority to keep you on schedule while you’re on the move. These no-frills, loud alarm clocks by Time Vision deliver everything you need in an alarm clock. All of this for a great budget price.

If all you’re looking for is a loud alarm and a portable clock, you’ll find everything you need here in this compact package. The twin speakers are on the front of the clock to maximize the volume while the overall design looks like a retro CD player.

The buttons are large and chunky, which makes them easy to operate. Meanwhile, its clear labels make sure each function is distinctive and stand out individually.

The loud alarm is satisfyingly noisy and will trouble even the deepest of sleepers. At 85db it’s not the loudest on the market but the placement of the speakers certainly helps. Want a wake-up with a little less volume? This clock allows you to with their low option that turns down the sound for a lighter alarm noise.

It’s battery-powered but the night light doesn’t stay on continuously. This means you’ll have to press and hold a button to keep the clock illuminated. This is to conserve energy and power, helping the batteries to last even longer.

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  • Excellent value for money
  • Portable
  • Loud alarm assisted by speaker placement
  • Chunky, easy-to-use buttons
  • Materials look cheap
  • Only very basic functions included


9) iCKER USB Charging Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Model Number

These iCKER loud alarm clocks are modern yet futuristic-looking all at once, and we dig the heck out of this. The front of the clock has been transformed into one giant screen that displays the time. This can be read even with a quick glance from the other side of the room.

This also makes it easier for anyone who’s visually-impaired or the elderly to see the time instantly. The dimmer allows the brightness to be adjusted to meet your own preferences.

The alarm is a traditional beep-style and escalates in volume, starting at a quieter level and gradually getting louder until it reaches its maximum of around 85dB. The slow increase in volume means that you don’t wake suddenly. This allows it to provide a gentler way to be woken up.

If you’re not such a heavy sleeper and don’t need such a loud alarm, you can switch to the low volume which has a maximum of 75dB.

Unlike the majority of other entries on this list, the iCKER isn’t powered by a battery. For this clock, you’ll need to use the included adaptor and USB cable to charge it. However, it offers the facility to also charge your phone or other USB devices too, a convenient touch for sure.

There is a battery included but this isn’t powerful enough to run the clock. This is simply there to remember your basic settings. This allows you to avoid having to reset the whole thing if the power somehow goes out. Turns out the folks over at iCKER are pretty thoughtful!

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  • Clear display
  • Choice of volume
  • Phone charging port
  • Escalating alarm
  • Not particularly loud compared to others
  • Has to be powered by mains electricity


10) Sonic Alert SB300SS Sonic Boom Large Vibrating Alarm Clock

Brand Name
Sonic Alert
Model Number

We finish up our list of great, yet loud alarm clocks with a bang, almost literally. This is one of the loudest alarm clocks allowed to be made today. Yet another entry for one of our favorite brands, Sonic Alert, the SB300SS is simple yet effective.

Looking just like a basic bedside alarm clock, the display is large and clear with the choice of five levels of dimmer. This is a wired alarm clock but there’s a small battery to retain key settings in the event of a power cut.

The alarm itself goes up to a blistering 113dB but there’s the choice of tone and also volume control. If that wasn’t enough to wake you up there’s also the bone-shuddering 12-volt vibration. This will surely leave you so shaken you’ll feel like one of James Bond’s martinis.

However, we do hope you stir (awake) eventually.

This makes it a useful alarm for the elderly and those who have a hearing impairment. Of course, it also works for those who want to be thoroughly woken up without disturbing roommates. A snooze function is included that will give you an extra 9 minutes in bed before repeating the juddering cycle once again.

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  • Rousing vibration alarm
  • One of the loudest alarms available
  • Choice of volume
  • Alarm doesn’t shut off by itself
  • Has to be powered by mains electricity
  • Can be difficult to set the time


Time’s up!

That’s it, everyone, our time is up but your time is now. Our 10 loud alarm clocks are certainly the best and likely loudest options available in the world today. We think there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a stylish clock that carries a punch or a subtle bedroom accessory that will make sure you wake up.

You may want to pick one with a vibration device that you slip under your mattress or pillow. However, alarm clocks with pure sound only are great too. What’s certain is that you won’t find anything louder to get you on your feet and ready to start your day.

Of course, that’s unless you’re sleeping on an aircraft carrier – that comes in at 130dB.

However, if you wake up and find yourself unexpectedly aboard an aircraft carrier, you’ve got bigger concerns than making that 9:00 a.m. meeting. We’re just off to take a nap now, all this talk of sleep has worn us out! Meanwhile, we recommend you check out these clocks once more and try out the best for you.