Heading outdoors used be just you, your pals, some survival gear, a cooler, and Mother Nature. These days, our high-tech lifestyle makes it difficult to leave behind our gadgets. Other than our smartphones, people usually bring Bluetooth speakers to play tunes while hanging out. In order to survive unpredictable weather and other environmental hazards, a lot of wireless speakers are now water-resistant. However, the Turtlebox is an intimidating gadget that ups the ante not only is durability but also with the sound.

Boasting a max volume of up to 120 decibels, users should proceed with caution unless they want to scare off everything within range. The manufacturer claims that sound quality will not degrade even in the highest setting. With an ingress protection rating of IP67, you’re practically free to dunk throw it in the water. You can even wash off the dirt and grime that accumulates with a garden hose. Not only is it virtually waterproof, but the formidable housing can also withstand a boatload and abuse.

This durable Bluetooth speaker can even pair with another Turtlebox sound system for stereo audio. Not only is this gadget one tough customer, but it’s also built to keep the party going. The built-in rechargeable battery will pump out tunes for up 20 hours (at 50 percent volume). Not only is it an awesome sound system for outdoor adventures, but you can also use it for tailgate and backyard parties. Moreover, knowing that it’s waterproof, users can even bring it aboard their watercraft for roaring tunes while cruising the seas.

Go loud with Turtlebox

Images courtesy of Turtlebox