Over the past few years, we’re noticing a big push from companies go green. For example, the automotive industry is steadily making the switch to electric-powered vehicles. Other manufacturers opt to use recycled materials when crafting their products. Overall, this movement is going to be great for the environment as it gives nature more time to recover. Unfortunately, for consumers electronics, the only thing that we can consider as eco-friendly would be the packaging. However, that’s about to change with the Gomi Hand-Marbled plastic speakers.

What’s great about this project is that the material its using is typically not for recycling. We’re talking about flexible plastics that are normally a one-use affair and thrown away. These include shrink wraps, plastic bags, packaging films, builder’s films, and much more. Gomi starts by collecting these and uses a special process to melt and compress the material. The result is exceptional housing that showcases unique patterns on the surface. With all the components assembled inside, you have a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker that offers 18 hours of use on a single charge.

If there’s one thing that’s abundant in trash heaps it’s going to be plastic. Even the ones that are supposedly bio-degradable continue to occupy our landfills. Multiple reports and research even confirm that oceans and beaches are unwillingly hosting these environmental hazards. Wildlife is all sadly affected and end up dying primarily because of ingestion. Not to mention that some end up choking from being entangled. This is the harsh truth that’s plaguing our planet right now. So it’s great news that products like the Gomi Hand-Marbled wireless speaker exist.

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