If there’s one thing that consumers want, its options. We might be purchasing the same stuff with the same features, but we always desire originality. It could be a fancy case to cover your smartphone or a stick-on decal that looks cools and makes your device stand out. There’s a huge market for after-market customization and manufacturers all want a piece of the pie. That’s why the Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 is letting you design a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker.

The brand is taking the initiative giving its customers control over how their speakers will look like. This is a similar concept as to what Motorola offered for its Moto X smartphone. These days, the Lenovo-owned brand is approaching customization a little differently with its modular platform. Taking cues from Moto Maker, Buyers can design how the device looks like online. On the other hand, you can also drop by at select T-Mobile stores in Miami or Chicago and do it there.

You can change the colors of the top, bottom, speaker grille, volume buttons, and strap. Users can select from a wide range of flat colors all of the components. However, there are some special patterns that can be applied to the speaker grille. Furthermore, buyers can also add an engraving to make it more personal. Just like its the regular model, the Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 is compatible with the optional POWER UP charging dock. It’s a stylish and unique Bluetooth Speaker that you can bring anywhere. The IP67 rating should keep it safe from water and dust.

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