To minimize exposure to the 2019 coronavirus, unless it’s something really important, most of us probably opt to stay indoors. While others are fussing about what they can do to fight against boredom, gamers are likely clearing their backlogs or playing online with some buddies. Turtle Beach hopes to make that experience even more immersive with its Stealth 600 Gen 2. If you own an Xbox One or hope to get the Xbox Series X upon release, then read on.

While on lockdown and working from home, we have been putting additional hours on gaming more than the usual. Of course, it’s not while we are on the clock, but after we time out. After spending long hours in virtual spaces, comfort is becoming a big issue. Sitting on a regular chair for lengthy periods can become uncomfortable. Hence, many choose to go for something more ergonomic.

Using the same concept, the Stealth 600 Gen 2 is offering all the bells and whistles one would want from a great pair of gaming headphones. Turtle Beach makes it easy for owners to pair their headsets wirelessly. Unlike other models that require a special dongle, these can connect directly to the console.

Communication is key for multiplayer titles, which is where the built-in flip-to-mute microphone shines. When not in use, it stays flush for a more cohesive look. Turtle Beach even takes into account people who wear glasses. The Stealth 600 Gen 2 features the brand’s proprietary ProSpecs Glasses Relief System. Its plush dual-foam cushions relieve pressure so you can keep them on while the headphones are in use. Finally, a full charge promises 15 hours of uninterrupted wireless audio.

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Images courtesy of Turtle Beach