Ask any professional gamer about what helps them win during matches and most will tell you about audio cues. Seeing as we love playing video games, any leg up over the competition is worth learning. The visual elements are understandably important as well, but ambient sound can tell us even more. RAZER acknowledges what players need and is about to change the game with the RAZER Nari Ultimate gaming headphones.

You can probably recall the time when force feedback made its way to the gaming industry. This allowed players to literally feel the game as the system converted most of the on-screen action into vibrations. The technology even evolved into the haptic feedback used on devices to emulate certain tactile sensations.

When it comes to high-level PC gaming, players rely on their accuracy with the keyboard and mouse to control gameplay. Therefore, the surface used should be level and free from any vibrations. RAZER presumably recognizes the compromise and came up with the idea for the new audio product. The brand introduces its HyperSense technology, which was developed by Lofelt. It produces haptic vibrations directly via the wireless headphones.

The sensory feedback provided by the RAZER Nari Ultimate will be something new for PC gamers. It’s a clever move by the manufacturer to enhance the user’s gaming experience. Furthermore, the THX Spatial Audio technology on board promises superb sound. Its uni-body aluminum frame, auto-adjusting headband, and swiveling ear cups with cooling gel-infused cushions provide outstanding comfort for those long gaming sessions.

Feel the feedback now

Photos courtesy of RAZER