With the buzz around drones these days, traditional remote-controlled toys such as cars, boats, and others are not getting enough love. However, despite the current trend, manufacturers are still coming up with new and fun gimmicks. Take the Mekamon Berserker V2 Combat Robot for example, which is something you don’t see every day. Here’s another one called the Traxxas Traxx upgrade system. This add-on turns the stock rig into a go-anywhere monster.

By default, the Traxxas TRX-4 is already one capable RC toy. Its all-terrain design makes it perfect for 4×4 enthusiasts to play around on a much smaller scale. However, it seems that the manufacturers want to unlock its potential. The Traxx set up replaces the wheels and off-road rubber with a set of treads. Just like the ones on heavy machinery and tanks, this adds superior traction to climb even the steepest inclines.

Moreover, this awesome conversion increases the ride height for superior ground clearance. True to its all-terrain claims, the Traxx conversion is capable of trudging through whatever is in the way. The all-weather durability comes from the hardened steel stub axles, self-lubricating metal bushings, and rubber-sealed ball-bearings. Since everything ready to go out of the box, you’ll spend more time playing than assembling the various components.

The Traxxas Traxx conversion kit is one of the many items we’re showcasing that feature tank treads. There’s a Bentley Continental GT, a drone, a personal transport, a sedan and a lot more. This upgrade includes a set of four that will fit on any TRX-4 RC rigs with minor adjustments for certain models.

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Images courtesy of Traxxas