In recent years, we have seen a rise in adventure enthusiasts reaching out onto our screens. From the likes of Bear Grylls to Ray Mears, it’s no wonder thrill-seekers are hoping to discover the best tools and apparel available for survival.

However, many of us are unaware that outdoor survival gear can actually be used in various ways. Furthermore, many folks don’t even know where to begin.

Luckily, at Heinnie Haynes, they have all the information one needs to begin (or improve). Now you can prepare your ideal tool and apparel set for your next adventure.

Preparation Is Key 

Once you fully gear up, you needn’t worry about the inevitable. It also gives one peace of mind to know that they are prepared for any incidents or emergencies.

As an individual, you need to think about what type of adventures you will be participating in. Don’t forget to consider what areas, dangers, and wildlife you may encounter.

It really depends on the person. Some might want to explore in more well-known areas. Others, maybe seeking a challenge in more mountainous but breathtaking spots. Nevertheless, there are those who may not be taking part in these activities regularly.

Finally, you could also go regularly exploring. Given these few scenarios, it shows a significant difference between what your survival kit should include.

You Need A Survival Backpack That Works For You 

An outdoor-ready backpack is something that needs to be reliable. One needs a rugged backpack that can hold everything you need. This includes all the essential gear and supplies you need to survive and power through your adventures.

A good place to start when looking for such an item is to browse through the catalogue of a trusted apparel supplier, such as Heinnie Haynes. Next is to check for reviews or feedback for well-known brands and use it to determine if it meets your needs and your budget. Finally, gradually remove those that do not meet your criteria to narrow down the choice.

There are many aspects you need to focus on to find the right backpack. Perhaps that can deliver overall comfort and manageable weight. Likewise check for external storage features, which could include carabiner clips, to attach additional gear for quick access.

What You Can Include In Your Backpack


Trust the recommendation of knife experts. Over the years, our team has continuously shared notable reasons as to why reliable EDC blades are so important for adventurers.

Knives are versatile tools. These are not just for hunting, but can likewise be used for gathering material, self-defense, and cooking. There is also a wide range of blades available out there, yet it is crucial that one checks the restrictions and guidelines set by regulators in your area before you make the purchase.

Folding knives are an awesome option to save space, yet still remain a useful tool to complete various tasks. Never compromise your survival and select models that are robust with impressive performance. Another feasible choice is a fixed blade type, which is usually crafted to be a reliable item to have with you.


One can never go wrong with a multi-tool, which practically holds everything you might need. Even a basic model is enough for a wide range of reasons and can be a life-saver at times you may least expect.

Hand Sanitizers 

This product is something we are all familiar with by now. Using hand sanitizers is a great way to get rid of bacteria and other pathogens. It also helps us maintain good hygiene during adventures. In an emergency, the formula can even be used to disinfect a wound or clean tools (It might not be the ideal choice due to the pain, but it gets the job done).


From ration packs to dried food and energy bars. Food and water are two of the most essential items in any adventure. This is why you need to pack pre-cooked meals or ingredients that are easy to prepare. Choose those that are packed with essential nutrients and also doesn’t taste awful.

The range of dried foods available these days is seriously impressive. Hence, regardless if you are hunting or not, do make sure you bring some along. Go for items that are lightweight and don’t take up too much room in your survival backpack.

Apparel Clothing 

Before you consider purchasing your desired apparel, properly evaluate the location and pick the appropriate clothing designed for the climate.

If you find yourself heading somewhere with warmer temperatures, then you need clothing made to withstand the heat. It should also have enough breathable layers that can keep you cool and protect your skin from the sun.

However, if you are about to face a colder climate, then apparel with enough protection and right layer balance will keep the user warm and not restrict movement.

The Last, But Most Important Advice

You are the priority, so you need to do everything to keep yourself happy and healthy. Take a look at the best self-care tips and advice from other adventurers. Moreover, do not neglect the need to keep yourself in gear condition before you head out.

Here are some tips which we can recommend:

These are just a few key aspects that one should focus on before considering their first or next outdoor trip. Just remember, the world is an amazing place to explore and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Nevertheless, we have to prioritize safety and survival whilst doing so. If you want to find out more information then the team at Heinnie Haynes can help. Stay safe and enjoy your adventures.