Home sterilizers and sanitizers have never been more useful than these recent times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, the market has a list of choices with competitive features and designs. The Time to Toast is unique though because of its literal design.

This device literally looks like your bread toaster. You may want to put this away from the kitchen if you don’t want to sterilize a slice of bread. It even functions like traditional bread toasters.

There is not a lot of information about this innovative tech as of yet. But it promises to sterilize your mobile devices such as your phone or tablets. You put the item inside its allotted slot (just like how you put a slice of bread), and push down on the knob to start the cleaning process.

Designer Lee Sungwook of South Korea introduced the product in May this year as a “smartphone disinfection and charger.” The product guarantees an “interesting” and fun experience in disinfection or sterilization. The idea is to “toast” your phone or other gadgets to kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and other harmful particles. This can only be achieved of course with a built-in UV light.

The Time to Toast has five light dots on the front which could indicate that the device is on, just like the power lights you find on bread toasters. The lights could also indicate the duration it takes to sterilize or charge your phone or gadgets. This device is interestingly attractive in its design and three color offerings including brown, black, and navy green.

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Images courtesy of Lee Sungwook on Behance