COVID-19 has left us all feeling stressed, and now that we can venture outside again, it’s having an effect on everyone’s confidence. The Allume hopes to change that with help of UV-C technology

Is it safe to sit at a restaurant? How about on the bus? What if I touch a doorknob and don’t have my hand sanitizer? What if I shake hands with a stranger?

Doing normal things like going for a drink, seeing a movie, and taking a taxi are now causing anxiety levels to go through the roof.

But now, there’s a way to fight COVID safely and effectively no matter where you go. And you don’t have to wear a face shield or hose everything down with sanitizer gel to do it!

Thanks to sanitization innovations by Violet Healthcare, you can now sanitize anything, anywhere in seconds with portable ultraviolet light.

The light wand Allume is equipped with 16 UV-C lights that kill 99.9% of viruses in seconds. It’s as if your hand sanitizer was a flashlight and it worked on EVERYTHING. And the best part? It’s now being offered at near-cost prices in order to help conquer COVID.

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Let’s take a look at why Allume’s UV-C light is the best way to DESTROY COVID and get your confidence back.

UV-C Light is Proven to Kill COVID-19

Allume works. Plain and simple. Not only does it kill 99.9% of viruses (including coronaviruses such as COVID-19), but it also kills other harmful microbes like bacteria, allergens, mold, and more.

UV-C light was even recommended by Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center as a safe and effective way to kill COVID-19 on surfaces.

If you’re still using rags, sponges, wipes, and tissues to clean your surfaces, you need to STOP. They are much less effective than UV-C light, and you even risk spreading the virus around if your fabrics haven’t been sterilized properly after use.

Not to mention, these disposable sanitizers are full of chemicals and harmful to the environment.

Allume is affordable, rechargeable, and requires zero contact with surfaces. It’s the very best way to kill COVID-19. If you leave the house often, don’t risk your safety or the health of your loved ones. Get Allume and KNOW that every surface is COVID-free.

Allume Goes Anywhere

Allume is light, foldable, and portable. Seriously, it’s just like carrying a flashlight in your bag. It’s that easy to carry and use. At just 9 inches long and less than 2 inches around, it’s about the size of a couple of candy bars laid end-to-end. And at half a pound light, you’ll barely notice it’s in your bag. It even fits in nicely in a jacket pocket.

Allume is extremely easy to unfold, switch on, and sterilize any surface in seconds. At the flip of a switch, you can eliminate any traces of COVID-19 from

The only place you should not shine Allume is into someone’s eyes… but that’s probably obvious. But that won’t happen anyway thanks to Allume’s smart safety features (we’ll get to that next!).

When Allume goes with you, your confidence goes with it. When you know your hands and surfaces are clean, your COVID anxiety melts away.

Allume is Safe and 100% Natural

UV-C light is a natural form of ultraviolet light. It’s the same type of light found in sunlight, which is why sunlight kills COVID-19 quickly.

When you sterilize with Allume, you aren’t using any chemicals or synthetics made in a lab. You aren’t potentially contaminating your surfaces or damaging your things. In fact, you aren’t applying anything at all, which minimizes waste and protects the environment.

When you pass Allume’s 16 UV-C lights over a surface, you’re eliminating harmful microbial life. Other than that, you’re leaving your surface as you found it. That’s all there is to it.

Allume is built with additional smart safety features as well. Its sliding on-off switch prevents young children from being able to operate it. It also contains a gravity sensor that automatically turns the lights off if they turn in the direction of your face or eyes.

Fast-Charging Battery

You’ll never have to buy batteries to use this COVID-killing flashlight. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery (like your phone) and charges via a USB-C cable.

Just a 15-minute charge provides 5-6 hours of UV-C sterilizing power, so you’ll never find yourself without an easy way to get rid of bacteria and viruses.

Allume: A Stress-Free Life for a Limited-Time Low Price


Allume is the best way to rid harmful microbes like bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens from your life. And it does its job safely, effectively, and eco-consciously.

It has countless applications for health and wellness, but during the era of COVID-19, making UV-C sterilization available to everyone is more important than ever before.

That’s why Violet Healthcare has cut the cost of Allume by 50%—to near-cost levels. During these tough times, giving everyone the power to eliminate COVID-19 from their daily lives is the top priority.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Order Allume today and enjoy the benefits of a COVID-free lifestyle and reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

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