Your bed is the one place in your house where you feel most comfortable and secure. But you never know, what lurks behind the sheets and the mattress may make you feel sick. Good thing there’s the Rockubot, which promises to kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and mites in just seconds.

This smart robot uses UV-C light and ultrasonic wave technology to sterilize and disinfect beds, sheets, cushions, carpets, and more. It easily repels bed bugs and mites that may be hiding deep in the mattress. It ensures the bed you go home to is clean and safe to sleep on.

Just like robot vacuum cleaners, the Rockubot uses sensors to detect and avoid objects on its path. It has 24 smart sensors that let it effectively avoid obstacles, overcome terrains, and detect any cliffs. It has cliff sensors that stop the robot from taking any high falls. The sensors allow for smart mapping so the device can adapt and easily navigate its cleaning area.

Outside of its sanitizing features, this device also plays music from your phone using Bluetooth 5.0. It is quite compact and lightweight at just a pound that you can easily lift it up and store it in your bag. It even works as a handheld sanitizing machine using its added magnetic cover so you can clean phones, toilets, towels, kitchen items, and more.

The Rockubot also doubles as a power bank with its added 5200mAH rechargeable battery that offers Qi-wireless charging. It takes three hours for a full charge and it offers 3.5 hours of usage.

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Images courtesy of Rockubot