Great things come in small packages as the saying goes and this surely applies to the RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight. At merely 2.16 inches and weighing 1.92 ounces, this mini flashlight can literally cause blindness. It produces a bright beam that you have to be careful where you aim the light at. This makes it a feasible self-defense tool then and not just for camping, hiking, walking, or everyday use.

This keychain light utilizes high CRI Nichia 219C R9050 LED and delivers a max light output of 350 lumens. It runs under high mode for 40 minutes but its temperature protection technology automatically drops the lumens to avoid burning your skin. Its ergonomic design supports its one-handed operation, which makes switching to the different eight brightness settings a breeze.

The RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight features both a Primary and Side LED. The Primary contains light modes including low, mid, high, and moonlight. The side LED offers Amber+Red+Blue (A8Y) light and UV+Red+White (A8U) light.

It’s not only physically unique because of its transparent body, but it is also built to last. It is IP65 water and weather-resistant and constructed from polycarbonate and stainless steel. It functions on USB rechargeable batteries that only takes 45 minutes for a full charge.

Being it’s an EDC torch, the RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight comes with a pocket or belt clip and a stainless steel chain and lanyard for quick and easy access. You can hang it with your keys so you always have a flashlight handy in emergency cases. You can even go creative and wear it around your neck as a pendant.

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Images courtesy of RovyVon