The Pine Cove House gives respite from the busy life in the urban jungle and provides fresh and clean air. This house lies nestled among trees.

The forest can be a scary place if you don’t know your way around it. But not when you have this elegant abode as your destination. This house is a beauty to see amid its lush surroundings. Ukraine-based architecture studio Dezest designed with modern and contemporary furnishings so it harmonizes with nature.

The Pine Cove House uses heat-treated pine, black slate, reinforced concrete, brick, and steel in the construction. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows give it a breath of fresh air and elegance. The expansive windows bring in natural light and gives guests a great view of the forest.

Outside of its beautiful facade, the inside boasts several areas to entertain friends and family. There is a private rest area, a guest/tech area, the common living room that connects to the tech area, and even a space for spa/relaxation. The house even includes a poolside near the BBQ/chill area.

The design of the house allows for an overflow of the inner space into the outer space. This gives a sense of connection or at one with the natural forest surroundings. The volumes of this dwelling also allow it to integrate into the forest space with minimal damage to the environment.

The Pine Cove House gives city dwellers a place to go when they want to escape into Mother Nature’s offerings. It provides a wonderful place to retreat, somewhere calmer and wonderful but not far from the metropolis.

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Images courtesy of Dezest