Mexico-based architectural designer Antony Gibbon introduces the A-F3 Treehouse, a modern cabin that sits atop a dense forest in all its angular beauty. It holds upright via a canopy that stands on steel stilts.

Designed in harmony with nature, the A-F3 Treehouse boasts bold and dark-stained timber cladding that possesses a natural grain. This quality lets the cabin assimilate with its environment rather than stand out. Each of its modular structures elongates and protrudes to let natural light in. The angular structure also makes the cabin stand apart from the flowing shapes of its surroundings.

The A-F3 Treehouse uses a suspended bridge by way of entry so you get a floating tour of the forest treetops. Once inside, you have a vast room to lounge and relax about and just enjoy nature’s beauty. The cabin is designed with residential living in mind. Thus the structure is divided into the first and second floor, with the upper floor hosting the bedroom and the lower is the shared living space.

This cabin offers a unique triangular view of the thick forest through a large truncated corner glass window. Meanwhile, narrow strip openings that follow the direction of the wood siding subtly interrupt the closed-off spaces of the cabin.

Antony Gibbon also customizes the A-F3 Treehouse according to your preference and budget. You can choose from various exterior cladding finishes available. You can also have different window/door openings to suit the location. The cabin generally hosts one bedroom, a kitchen, and a bath/shower room.

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A-F3 Treehouse

A-F3 Treehouse

A-F3 Treehouse

Images courtesy of Antony Gibbon