As you know, stuff breaks at some point and needs to be repaired. Things like your bike, furniture, and household gadgets sometimes require tightening a bolt or a screw. While you can use the multitude of screwdrivers you keep in your toolbox, there is an easier way to deal with the issue.

The Mininch Tool Pen ($60,00) is a lightweight, compact, and portable utensil that comes in handy any time you need to fix your gear. Crafted from the same aluminum alloy used for aircraft structures, this sleek tool holds up to 6 switchable bits, with a total of 13 included in the set (slotted, Phillips, hex, star, etc). Other features include a stylish cap with a powerful built-in magnet, a side window showing which bits are inside, and 3 color options: Snow Silver, Gunmetal and Champagne Gold. Who said tools can’t be stylish?

Mininch-Tool-Pen 2

Mininch-Tool-Pen 1

Mininch-Tool-Pen 4

Mininch-Tool-Pen 3

Mininch-Tool-Pen 5