Amid the pandemic, travelers are now wary of booking accommodations in popular hotel chains. Then again, it could just be that they want something unique instead of the usual rooms or suites. We have been helping out by showcasing some which are out of the ordinary. So, if you’re heading to Poland anytime soon, why stay a night or two at the Good Spot.

Don’t you just love it, when folks go out of their way to deliver an odd yet refreshing perspective? This seems to be what Good Spot is all about as guests get to experience what it’s like to live inside a camper – albeit a huge one. Behind this cool little project is Znamy sie – an architecture and interior design outfit with headquarters in Wroclaw.

It seems there is a surplus of isothermal refrigerated trailers that make their way into Poland every year. Sadly, these units are no longer in working condition and normally end up as scrap. Instead, the trailers turn into integral parts of a new mobile hotel chain called Good Spot.

Before these can house people, each container on wheels gets an extensive overhaul. The exterior now sports a stainless-steel cover which reminds us of an iconic brand of campers. Likewise, the roughly 100-square foot interior undergoes a transformation to optimize the available space.

The theme is simple but elegant and channels a minimalist vibe. Each end of the Good Spot semi-trailer is where you’ll find the sleeping areas. The firm ensures that each stay is a pleasant one which is why guests have access to a kitchenette and a full bathroom. Since the wheels are still on, it’s possible to relocate Good Spot conveniently. As the blueprints show, there are three more already in production.

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Images courtesy of Good Spot