Take your road adventures to luxurious heights with the Bruder EXP-8 Off-road camper. It boasts modern features guaranteed to keep you comfortable whether climbing up mountains in the dead of summer or going against harsh cold temperatures. 

An upgrade to the EXP-6, this October release comes with features guaranteed to keep you comfortable for an all-season global expedition. The exterior maintains the toughness of the EXP-6 with a body that consists of an epoxy-bonded closed-cell composite and paired wall thickness. Meanwhile, the chassis is airtight and sealed to withstand nature’s brunt. 

The exterior may be rugged and robust. But the interior packs luxury and sophistication. The Bruder EXP-8 Off-road camper has a vast interior that can accommodate four people. It has a kitchen with a dual-burner induction cooktop, sink, and long countertop. Then there’s the bedroom and dining and lounge area that can easily convert into an extra sleeping space. 

This rugged trailer earns its four-season rating with its included diesel heat and hot water system. It even has ducted air conditioning and fans to keep the interior breathable and comfortable. Like previous models, this one also has a pressurized air filtration system to keep the inside clean and dust-free. 

The Bruder EXP-8 Off-road camper also has onboard water purification and a solar-powered electric system. It carries a 12.5-kWh (1,000-Ah) battery pack connected to a 1,600W solar array to power a 5,000W inverter, the 12V, AC, and USB ports. For a visual guide, there is a touchscreen power management system for control and monitoring. 

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Images courtesy of Bruder