Earlier this year, the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray was on everybody’s lips. After years of fans begging the American automaker for a mid-engine sports model, it is finally here. Not to be outdone, The Blue Oval has something up their sleeves. At the recent Chicago Auto Show, the 2020 Ford GT was in attendance with a lot more in tow. It seems the sleek and dynamic design of the base model is not enough for more discerning buyers. Thus, the company indulges them with the Liquid Carbon edition and Gulf Racing Heritage edition.

We love it when car companies cater to gearheads like us who long for limited-edition versions of awesome rides. According to industry insiders, the company wanted to build a street-legal machine with a race-ready pedigree on board. Thus, taking all the good stuff from the track-only GT MK II, it’s giving us the 2020 Ford GT with two variants on the side.

Going Beyond The Threshold

The base model of this iconic series already flaunts impressive numbers, to begin with. Nevertheless, this is where the engineers get to play around and tweak it even further. Tinkering around with the engine provides a notable boost from 647 to 660 horsepower.

Moreover, the 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 power plant receives gallery-cooled pistons and high-energy ignition coils as well. Rounding off the powertrain is the dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission.

With an engine like this, it will need some serious cooling. Thankfully, its aerodynamic form and air ducts work in tandem with the intercoolers to keep everything running smoothly. Likewise, the buttress design apparently helps improve handling in Track mode.

2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition

Now it’s on to the good stuff as the 2020 Ford GT teases two exclusive versions for those who don’t mind throwing money around. Starting off with the Liquid Carbon edition, every surface on the exterior showcases the carbon fibre weave in its full glory. With nothing but a clear coat to give it a glossy finish, the mesmerizing pattern will draw anyone in. Then there’s the option to ditch the alloys for carbon fibre wheels and titanium lug nuts.

2020 Ford GT Gulf Racing Heritage Edition

This one is our personal favourite as it boasts the iconic colours that remind of the marque’s 24 Hours of Le Mans victory. The 2020 Ford GT Gulf Racing Heritage Edition touts a coat of powder blue and orange. Additionally, the number 6 — in carbon fibre — sits proudly on the hood and on the doors of the supercar. Carbon fibre wheels are also on the menu should the owner want it.

Availability And Pricing

The 2020 Ford GT will have a production run until 2022 only. As for the Liquid Carbon and Gulf Racing Heritage versions, only a few will be available every year. The base model starts at $500,000, but those who want the special editions should be ready to fork over an estimated $750,000 and $615,000 respectively.

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Images courtesy of Ford