Pocketknives are essential everyday carry for those who often venture the outdoors. But when it comes to these small and useful tools, it’s better to stick to those that are comfortable in both land and water. This brings us to the Terrain 365 Otter Slip-Joint Knife.

Like its animal namesake, this pocket knife is equally at home in the water or land. That’s thanks to its Terravantium Dendritic Cobalt blade, which makes it guaranteed rust-proof for life. Dubbed as the most exotic knife blade material, it is also non-magnetic and makes for a sharp cutting tool. That’s because it forms a toothy edge that slices through any material easily even after it feels dull.

Making the Terrain 365 Otter Slip-Joint Knife even more adventure-ready is its titanium 6AL-4V titanium handles for a lightweight carry both in the hands and in the pocket. Plus, it uses 316 stainless steel dive watch grade hardware and martensitic stainless steel backing for even more durability. 

Aesthetics-wise, this folding knife features a modern modified spear point blade and employs the classic Barlow slip joint inherent with traditional pocket knives, which is characterized by its oval handle and lengthened bolster. Then topped off with a matte finish and a lanyard bail to tether to a carabiner, keychain, or knotted lanyard. 

The Terrain 365 Otter Slip-Joint Knife is quite handy for its size at an overall length of just 6.9 inches. The blade is 3 inches and not thick too at merely 0.115 inches and closes at 3.94 inches. Most of all, it is comfortable to use at just 3.1 ounces.

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Images courtesy of Terrain365