Packing your necessities for travel can be a hassle because you have to store them in several batches. The tendency is you bring more pouches or luggage than necessary. It could also result in messy packing and misplaced items. But with the Tego Roll-And-Go Ultimate Travel Bag, you have the freedom to pack as you like depending on your needs.

This is unlike any roll-and-go packing bags synonymous with Dopp kits although they share similarities with their purpose. This ingenious gear though is customizable. You can mix and match storage options according to your items. It has seven unique sections that you can creatively work with to give you your ultimate carry solution. 

To be precise, the Tego Roll-And-Go Ultimate Travel Bag gives you 327 carry options. This is made possible by sliding portions together using a slide on one side and hooks on the other. To ensure they stay in place, the process has been tested 5,000 times. To make it outdoor-ready, it uses recycled PET for the outer shell and inner liner. It also uses YKK zippers and a durable, waterproof exterior finish.

This carrying solution is ideal to have for those whose job requires numerous items in storage. This would be convenient to use for a painter, artist, a menchanic, a beautician, and more. It also works as camping gear to store health and beauty necessities. The versatility of the Tego Roll-And-Go Ultimate Travel Bag gives everyone the freedom to bring anything they can carry inside. It is even TSA-friendly, lays flat, or hangs anywhere when needed.

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Images courtesy of Tego