Super Pacific announced plans earlier this week to engineer a new model of its flagship X1 Camper that will fit into the bed of the Rivian R1T. It will be the company’s first camper for an all-electric vehicle, with the R1T falling on the mid-size and light-duty luxury category for an EV pickup truck.

Super Pacific is awaiting 10 initial deposits from R1T owners to jumpstart the production. In a press release, the Portland-based company says initial depositors will have visibility and front-row access throughout the design process and production. 

“The initial deposit will go towards the existing price of the X1 Camper ($14,495). Due to the Rivian R1T’s unique characteristics, Super Pacific has identified a few design changes that will be required to support the new fitment. These additional considerations will elevate the final retail price of the Rivian Camper, but first adopters participating in this program will have the opportunity to purchase the R1T model at the current X1 pricing.” 

Peter Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Super Pacific, says the plan came about after several Rivian owners asked if they were willing to take on the challenge of building an X1 Camper for the R1T “despite its unique complexity and relatively small numbers on the road.” He says the “expressed interest translates to real demand” so the team is now preparing a concept to include the R1T.  “We’ve been eyeing the EV market for a while now and we are super stoked to kick off the Rivian development!” he says.

Super Pacific was scant on details about the new camper. But the current X1, which is compatible with the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, among others, could give an idea. It features a full side access that doubles as a storage locker/ living space, has modular molle panels, secure storage compartments, and built-in wiring and solar ports. 

The exterior of the current X1 Camper comes with T-slots compatible with an awning or solar panel array for off-grid capability. Its most vital feature is the roof-mounted tent, also referred to as the “XL Sleeping Loft” which can sleep two adults comfortably. As for the X1 Camper for the Rivian R1T, the first delivery is expected in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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Images courtesy of Super Pacific