Forget having to scour for a driver bit in the tool box or picking one up in a handful of sawdust with the SwatClips Magnetic Bit Box. This small yet useful tray uses strong rare earth magnets to secure screwdriver bits and more in a single place where you can easily grab them while at work.

Aside from the interior storage, the lid also has magnets so you can stick a bit or few on the outside for quick access. Moreover, it opens at a 90-degree angle and lays flat. This way, you won’t have trouble grabbing or picking up those you need as you work. This tray not only holds bits and drivers but anything else metal up to a pound without the lid falling apart of flipping over from the weight.

The SwatClips Magnetic Bit Box is also work proof. It is designed to handle daily abuse with its robust construction. It’s made from a unique blend of durable composites that can withstand extreme temperatures. This tray also uses the toughest neodymium magnets that are built to withstand heat, cold and endless days of work. So you can be certain that it won’t let you down. 

Another notable feature is the easy slide-on rail system. The modular rails make it easy to swap and secure clips quickly on the hip or tool belt. The SwatClips Magnetic Bit Box is ideal for those who want to be efficient on their job. In the box it comes with a base receiver which is compatible with all SwatClips products.

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Images courtesy of SwatClips