Who knew that a rugged e-bike we featured back in 2022 would make a surprise comeback in 2024? It seems Robo.Systems made a huge impression on the right folks as a cool mobility solutions group signed up for a collaboration. Meet the 2×2 Ultra Bike TheArsenale Edition — a revamped version of the original with a vibrant aesthetic.

When the manufacturer first released its off-road-ready two-wheeler, it appeared utilitarian and rightfully so. Robo.Systems wanted to convey that their machine is purpose-built for thrilling adventures out in the wild. Make no mistake, the 2×2 Ultra Bike TheArsenale Edition retains this hardcore image, but with a splash of style.

Anybody who ever laid eyes on one will immediately notice the odd choice of tires. We felt the same way before, but now understand why the manufacturer went with these instead of standard all-terrain options. What looks like a basic pair of inner tubes provides remarkable buoyancy.

On solid ground, the 2×2 Ultra Bike TheArsenale Edition benefits from the reliable traction it provides. However, it truly shines when riders want to cross bodies of water. Yes, this bad boy floats! Each wheel is outfitted with 1,000W brushless DC motors powered by a 1.6 kWh 48V LifePo4 battery pack.

Fully charged, expect non-stop fun with a maximum speed of 30 mph with a range of about 31 miles. All electronics are carefully enclosed to withstand exposure to moisture. The 2×2 Ultra Bike TheArsenale Edition weighs around 133 lbs. Cargo racks are available both front and back to haul your gear.

“This electric two-wheel-drive, balloon-tired motorbike is a highly specialized machine built to overcome difficult, inhospitable terrain at slow speeds and as effectively as possible,” reads the description. Each 2×2 Ultra Bike TheArsenale Edition flaunts an exclusive black/orange colorway with a special livery.

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Images courtesy of Robo.Systems/TheArsenale