The Sylvan Rock House sits on a lush, 55-acre estate in New York’s rustic Hudson Valley. It is the first private residential property designed by British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin.

The house boasts elegance in all its 360-degree angles from the roof, paneled walls to the floor-to-ceiling windows. It hosts a family-sized swimming pool on the deck and an outdoor kitchen and lounging area. The estate is impressive both on the inside and outside and its architectural form corresponds to the rocky ledge it sits on.

The Sylvan Rock House sits surrounded by mature trees and the amazing views of the hill, valleys, and rock outcroppings. Its interior compliments the exterior beauty with the use of both wood and metal on furnishings and pieces of furniture.

Aston Martin designed the estate with a focus on sustainability. The structure utilized organic building materials. It has solar and battery systems. It also thrives on the use of green building, geothermal heating + cooling, and radiant floor heating.

Moreover, the Sylvan Rock House has an on-property agricultural garden that produces fruits and vegetables for consumption. Guests can enter the gardens via a second staff entrance this way it ensures privacy for the owner and ease of maintenance for the farmers. The property also hosts a treehouse that provides unique viewing opportunities of local wildlife. There are also three remote guest pods for visitors. The pods sit in an array nearby the planned pond and function as sleeping quarters or remote wellness or office. Guests have access to the wet bar and kitchen.

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Images courtesy of Sylvan Rock House