The “Untitled” stool concept by designers Erika Avery and Stu Cole offers a versatile and sustainable option to your furniture. It utilizes recycled cork for its legs and features a modular design that allows it to adapt to any seating arrangement. This way, lessening the need to discard of old or used chairs. 

The design is minimalist in form and stands out with its organic materials. It features a removable seat with a hole in the middle that serves as the centerpiece connector. The central hole attaches to sturdy cork columns to create a unified seating solution, seamlessly blending form and function.

This simple system of furniture crafting for the “Untitled” stool concept requires no screws, extra tools or parts, which makes it very convenient in terms of maintenance and replacement. Simply pop off the seat if you need to clean it or replace it with another. This mechanism also makes it easy to change seating arrangements as needed.

The removable seat can either come in different colors and in circular, square, or rectangular shapes. They can also be made of wood, metal, plastic, or any other material. You can have one long rectangular seat with holes on each end connected to cork columns and you get a bench instead of a stool. 

The “Untitled” stool concept is a simple yet effective seating solution that limits the waste of fixed chairs and stools. It also leaves room for personalization as you can customize the seats according to your preference or as they fit the situation. However, details for this project remain scarce. It’s unclear if it’s comfortable to sit on or if it can hold a certain weight. 

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Images courtesy of Erika Avery