Power out? Not a problem when you have a backup generator to keep you company. We’re talking about the SuperBase Pro Power Station, which can run most household appliances and more. It is even portable so you can take it out on your next outdoor adventure and make use of its solar compatible features.

This backup energy works both indoors and outdoors and even off-grid. It boasts 2,000W of AC output and 4,000W surge capability. It can run your microwave, coffee maker, washing machine, TV, and more. Its massive power can charge DSLRs,  gaming consoles, laptops, and more at the same time. You can even use it on heavy-duty machines or power tools that need up to 3,000W using its AmpUp feature.

Best of all is its UPS system, which lets you connect the SuperBase Pro Power Station to your home’s outlet. This automatically turns on the machine during an outage for an uninterrupted power supply. This generator even recharges fast: it gets to 80 percent in an hour via solar or AC plug. For a faster recharge, you can use both to get you to 2,400W of charging power.

Given its solar power compatibility, this means you can take this machine with you on the move. It is great camping gear and even comes with a retractable telescopic handle and wheels for easy carry. It’s even built for the outdoors with its rugged, shock-resistant outer shell and reinforced interior.

The SuperBase Pro Power Station packs an amazing six AC outputs, four USB-C ports, one car output, and three DC ports. It even comes with a built-in LED display and offers wireless operation using a compatible mobile app. 

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Images courtesy of Zendure