Music and automobiles might have very little in common, other than the entertainment inside your ride. However, there’s just something special about listening to your tunes while cruising around in a car. Let’s not forget that there is a library of songs that clearly have automotive inspirations, which is why the combination of the two just works. To enjoy the best of what each one has to offer, a new Italian audio brand offers a unique item. This is the Studio Mandato Audiomeccanica turntable and boy does it look snazzy.

The moment you look at the impressive design, it’s clear that this is not your run-of-the-mill turntable. Audiophiles who are gearheads by heart will definitely want to own one of these. However, it appears to be in the conceptual stage for now, which is a big dealbreaker for those who are already planning to get one. You might be asking where’s the automotive influence here? It’s not immediately obvious but this music machine evokes the mechanical features of a combustion engine. In a subtle approach, the engineers are using a real-life valve.

Moreover, just like the car’s powerplant, it is entirely made out of aluminum. To minimize vibrations from the motor, the Studio Mandato Audiomeccanica relies on a belt-drive system instead. Furthermore, the double-deck construction alongside the uni-pivot style arm with a magnetic suspension system ensures that you enjoy flawless playback. Overall, the turntable looks absolutely luxurious and would even double as a magnificent decorative piece wherever it sits. All that’s left is to wait for it to leap from the concept stage and into production.

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Images courtesy of Studio Mandato