Vinyl sales are on the up on up, in case you didn’t know. The buyers are part of merely a small niche, to be sure, but the classic format is well and alive. Which means, of course, that crate-digging for rare sleeves has long eclipsed hipster territory. Record-collecting is cool again; some major artists even release LPs of their latest tracks.

But what to play them on? That’s the tough question. Why not this ultra-chic U-Turn Orbit Special Turntable? Which, lucky for you wood fans, comes in a special hardwood material. Beyond its clean, minimalist aesthetic, this high-performance audio player will do well introducing you to the world of vinyl. LP Neophytes will love the refined plinth, machined from your choice of solid rift walnut or flat cut maple.

This U-Turn Orbit model comes equipped with a gimbal tonearm bearing an Ortofon 2M Red elliptical diamond cartridge/needle. As newcomers to the vinyl scene, you probably don’t know what that is. Let’s just say you can expect crystal clear playback every time. No resonance or feedback at all. Just topnotch, clean audio each listen.

Perhaps the most noted thing about U-Turn’s players is their quiet motors. The same can be said of this model. Whether you’re playing at 33 or 45 RPM, you’ll hear nary a peep. It’s also got a Pluto preamp, which enables you to connect it to your sound system right out the gate. Audiophiles will beam at this.

Both walnut and maple versions are available for $549 apiece. That drops down to $479 if you’re okay to forego the preamp.


Photos courtesy of U-Turn Audio