Months of isolation away from the office can make a man forget some things. Thankfully, we can remember that grilling season is almost upon us. Since we are staying home most of the time, we might as well start firing it up and craft mouthwatering meals. While it is always better to have a backyard party with your buddies, the current circumstances make it impossible. Nevertheless, this smart-enabled cooking equipment from Spark Grills becomes a good reason to have one.

First of all, you should know that this is a not a gas grill. Even though it looks like one, it uses a proprietary charcoal briquette system that promises to be versatile. According to Spark Grills, it boasts the precisions of a gas type thanks to the innovative tech that monitors the temperature. Meanwhile, its airflow system uses fans to regulate the heat so you can control every aspect of your food preparation.

The firebox features double-wall stainless steel construction with porcelain enamel to withstand heat and exposure to the elements. Using a smartphone companion app, owners can check the temperature remotely and receive notifications as well. It’s awesome that Spark Grills is including a side shelf for holding your ingredients or beer while you’re busy with what’s on the grids.

Unlike regular models that use traditional charcoal, ignition is a breeze. You see, the exclusive Briq system features a special layer that quickly lights up with a twist of the control knob. Spark Grills seems to have a winner on its hand. Unlike propane or natural gas grills, you’re getting full smoky goodness every time.

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Images courtesy of Spark Grills