When you are hosting an outdoor barbecue, whoever is in charge of the grill deserves respect. Being the grillmaster means that you are responsible for crafting delectable dishes for guest to enjoy. As such, you can have buddies fetch you stuff like beer, snacks, and other similar items.

As long as you wear the apron and hold the tools you have full command of your subjects. Don’t you wish that this kind of scenario would become reality? To be treated like a king would we awesome. Therefore, the closes you can get to feel like one during your weekend cookout is to wield the Miansai Grill Set. What’s in the box is a knife, spatula, fork, and a pair of tongs

If you’re wondering how it manages to do so, an up-close inspection of the items reveals the secret. Each of the four grilling tools the package includes is crafted out of the yellowish precious metal. That’s right, we’re looking at 14-karat polished gold pieces that belong in a display case instead of a barbecue party. Nevertheless, it is one heck of a fancy show of wealth. Moreover, it reminds guests of your regal status as lord of the grill.

For those of you who are just hearing about this label, it is a group of artisans who craft luxurious items for both men and women. Their products include jewelry, watches, bags, accessories, and just recently, food preparation tools. Michael Saiger, the founder and creative director of Miansai, notes that the brand “thrives on exploration, discovery, and the beauty of elevated design,” This mission statement is on full display with the extravagance of the Miansai Grill Set and its 14-karat polished gold construction.

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