Even though most of its competitors have established a foothold on many market segments once dominated by Sony, its presence remains strong. These days, the bulk of its operations now focus on gaming, displays, and imaging, among others. Here to remind us of its proficiency when it comes to audio, we have the SRS-NB10.

Consumers who find earbuds and headphones unbearable might want to consider this alternative. As much as audiophiles hate to accept it, the shift to true wireless technology is unstoppable. To date, Apple’s AirPods lineup leads the pack, while everyone else uses similar platforms from other competing brands.

What Sony hopes to do with the SRS-NB10 is cater to a specific subset of users. We’re sure some of you hate how earphones or headphones feel after a long listening session. Prolonged usage can leave your ears or head sore.

Therefore, the Japanese consumer electronics giant goes for a wearable solution that feels more natural. It aptly describes the SRS-NB10 as neckband speaker designed with all-day comfort in mind. With many of us now working from home, making and receiving calls can be a chore

Just slip it on around your neck and you’re free to move about. Multi-point connection via Bluetooth lets you pair it up to two devices at the same time. Sony says it can seamlessly switch between the two when you need it to.

A full charge can last up to 20 hours and its USB-C quick charging tech will give you 60 minutes of runtime after a short 10-minute top-up. The upward-firing speaker grilles sport a premium fabric cover for a classy touch. Finally, don’t let moisture get in the way as the IPX4-rated splash-resistance protects your SRS-NB10.

Buy – $149.99

Images courtesy of Sony