Now you can walk under the heat of the sun without feeling clammy all over from sweat. With the Sony Reon Pocket, your body feels cool anytime and anywhere.

This tech is a wearable air conditioner that goes with you whenever you need to regulate your body temperature. It helps users regulate body temperature through a series of manual or automatic controls. The manual mode works with an accompanying iOS and Android app and connects through Bluetooth. It lets you choose between four stages and switch options between Cool/Warm/Off.

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Meanwhile, the automatic control regulates body temperature using motion sensors that detect user activity. The temperature adjusts accordingly depending on your activity e.g. walking, running, jumping, and more.

The best thing about the Sony Reon Pocket is that it works for both hot and cold conditions. It gives you your desired comfort level depending on your environment’s temperature. It can lower body temperature by as much as 23 degrees Fahrenheit during hot summer days. This personal air conditioner also heats the body by as much as 14 degrees Fahrenheit in cold situations.

This device comes with a dedicated T-shirt that keeps it in the middle of your back just below the neck. The shirt uses polyester and is quick-drying so it is comfortable to wear. You can also use it handheld.

The Sony Reon Pocket has an internal battery capacity good for two to four hours of use and recharges completely in two hours. It is a sleek and lightweight device that is about the size of a card wallet.

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