As the number of COVID-19 positive cases continues to increase, so does the production of disinfecting tools. Acuva’s SOLARIX is just another step toward safe and healthy living as it offers 99.9% efficacy in disinfection.

In response to the pandemic, Acuva created this portable disinfecting wand designed toward the protection against SARS-CoV-2. Validated by the CDC-certified BSL-3 lab InterTek and CUBRC INC in New York, this tool delivers chemical-free disinfection performance against bacteria and viruses on high-touch, non-porous surfaces.

“My personal ordeal with COVID-19 earlier this year gave me time to think about others facing this ruthless virus. We decided to join the fight against COVID-19 by doing what we do best. We applied the same key principles used in our signature approach to UV-LED disinfection system design towards the creation of new products to help mitigate the spread of the virus,” Manoj Singh, CEO of Acuva, said in a press release.

The SOLARIX uses high-intensity germicidal UV-C radiation to effectively clean disinfect contaminated surfaces in seconds. It renders 99.97% efficacy in 10 seconds, 99.53% in five, and 98.72% efficacy in just two seconds. It even provides a blue visual guide of the disinfection area and opens 270º wide for contoured and hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, this handheld device comes with safety features including a slide switch that works as a child lock. Its double-click power design also prevents accidental powering on and it starts the disinfection process only when the wand is opened at a 180º. This prevents accidental UV exposure to your hand. The SOLARIX runs on a rechargeable battery making it even more convenient to use it anytime and anywhere.

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Images courtesy of Acuva Tech